Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Autism Answer: Hiking in the Woods

Life keeps changing and we continue to find new paths.
Hiking in the woods alone has always been one of my favorite activities. 
At a resort in East Texas

Hiking in the woods with my sons when they were tiny, noisy, and adventurous, daring each other and themselves to do bigger and more dangerous things, was also an activity I enjoyed; though it was rarely relaxing!

Hiking in the woods with Shay now, my seventeen year old son with an imagination so wild it compliments the overgrown forest, while the overgrown forest returns the favor by enhancing his imagination, is one of my favorite activities indeed!

Hiking in the woods has shifted and grown different for me through the years. When one path is lost to me, another will be carved out or surprisingly discovered. 

Sometimes I have to find the new joy intentionally, temped a little bit to consider the fun gone once a path has been lost to me. Once creeping vines or noisy children have changed the effect and experience entirely. But with a shift in attitude and a trust in unknown and new kinds of fun to discover, I always find myself once again hiking in the woods.

Once again, discovering new joys, new life, and new survival techniques!
Hiking in the woods with Shay

As it turns out, hiking in the woods is always a delight!! With a flexible nature and the desire to bring newness to old joys, hiking in the woods is a forever delight!

Right now, hiking in the woods with Shay is the path I'm on.
And it's awesome!!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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