What's Up with Comments?

I love chatting with you!! I really, really do!

Me talking to my sister while some of our kids wait impatiently. See? I love to chat!

Sometimes I'll write a post only to hope and wonder and imagine what you think. And boy, can my imagination be overly confident or crafty and cruel!

One time I even felt so self-important that I thought you threw your computer across the room, with such anger at me for having wasted your time and written such garbage. It frightened your cat who then went skittering into the closet where you tip-toed quietly whispering kind words, insisting you never meant to hurt him and that it was all my fault and you promised never to read my stuff again. As you crawled lovingly toward your frightened feline you noticed a strange door in the floor, hidden in the far left corner. Feeling brave and strong (after all, you threw your computer all the way across the room!) you slowly lift the door, your cat now uninterested and off to poop in the potted plant in the foyer. 

I don't know what you discovered hiding under your closet floor because I had to go pick up my sons from school. But I'd love for you to tell me!

And now we're back to comments. 
Sort of fun, wasn't it?

I have the comments turned off here on my blog for similarly selfish reasons. I'm not sure I have time to answer or monitor comments here because I have Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. I can't keep up with it all! I even have friends and family in the other world. You know, the one we go to social media to talk about. 

So, I've decided to be social on social media. 

So, please know that I honestly do want your comments. I crave them! Which is why I always (always, when I remember) leave a link to my Facebook page at the end of each post. That's where all of my blog posts begin (I like to write them as status updates there, and then transfer them here after I've gotten comments that help me tweak them for clarity) so it's where I like to lead you back. 

Follow the links to social media where we can be social. Where you can comment and ask questions and add to the conversation. Please do!

If you want to talk about a specific blog post, just tell me the title or bring it with you!

If you're more comfortable on Twitter or Google Plus, come on by. Also, for LinkedIn or email or any more info about how to contact me, visit my website, www.tsarashelton.com. It's pretty fun over there. I've got links and videos and interviews and silly jokes and pictures of my boys. I like it!

So, please, if you have questions, suggestions, homemade gingerbread, or you just want to tell me about the family living under the door in your closet, come on over to social media! It's social in neat ways!!

I'll put the coffee on. 
It's organic, fair trade, and probably already all gone. I drank it. Sorry about that. 

Let's make more!
Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

Hello! I've got my coffee. Let's chat!!