Saturday, June 22, 2024

Autism Answer: Inclusion - My Brother, Dar

*This originally appeared in the May edition of my mom's newsletter, The Loop!*
My brother, Dar

The book my mom wrote with and about Teressa (a woman in California diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder) includes so many interesting personalities.
Some speak from beyond the grave. Some speak from holy text. Some speak from within the fractures of Teressa herself.
One personality remains steadfast and supportive, often at mom's side, and it is that personality I want to draw attention to: my brother, Dar.
During the course of writing this book and living on Teressa's property, Dar and mom have worked together. Dar's lack of words has never equaled lack of communication, and in this memoir he speaks clearly. He steps back when people need mom to focus on them, he reaches out when they need a light touch, he is a sounding board for mom as she works to illuminate issues and consider moral conundrums. He is there to hug her when she cries and then to remind her of her strength.
The way my mom and Dar work together is a hard core real life example of the power of inclusion.
Inclusion is a collaboration.
It is not: put your own needs aside, move over and make accommodations.  
It is not: fit in, don't show up if it's going to inconvenience others in order to assist you.

Inclusion is collaborating to accommodate and assist each other in the direction of a common goal: living our full lives.

When you read In Search of Teressa you will feel the power of that collaboration.
And you will be rewarded.
Hugs, smiles, and love!!!
My mom and my brother, Dar

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