Saturday, June 30, 2018

Autism Answer: Carrie's Car (Short Story)

*I came across a fun challenge: write a simple story with 250 words or less. So, I wrote this one! Carrie's Car is a story about a car that presents problems in order to offer its owner answers. Enjoy!
# # #

It wasn’t the first time Carrie’s car had given her problems, but it felt like the worst. A flat tire would make her late for the job interview for certain.

Not that she wanted this job. Working in a store filled with plastic hurt her heart, but having no job at all hurt, too. Being homeless was dangerous.

Carrie climbed out of the car. Opening the trunk she gave a grateful grin to the dusty spare, tossed in only days before by the thoughtful mechanic who’d replaced her alternator. “You’ve got a jack but no spare. That’s no good.” He’d searched his junkyard for a tire that would fit. She said a silent “thank you” and hoisted it out.

While loosening lug nuts an SUV pulled over and a princess stepped out. Carrie stopped mid-turn to stare. The princess, wearing a blue gown and removing fancy gloves, smiled and waved.

“Hi there! Want some help?”

“Thanks! Are you sure you won’t be late for the ball?”

The princess laughed. “I was playing Cinderella at a child’s party. I own Party Play.”

They chatted and worked. Soon Carrie was admitting, “I’ve always adored kids.” She hesitated before blurting, “Do you think I could audition for you?”

The princess smiled. “Honestly? The main reason I pulled over is you look like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I need a Dorothy. Here’s my card. Come by tomorrow and I’ll show you the ropes.”

It wasn’t the first time Carrie’s car had given her problems, but it felt like the best.

The End
# # #

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