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I talk and I brag and I share, share, share so much about my mom, international mental health and parenting therapist Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD. It seems only fitting that we dedicate an entire page to her Facebook posts, thoughts and articles! Here, I plan to share some of those posts, links to articles, and more. 

Because my mom is an international hands on play therapist and brain expert who uses neurofeedback to guide unbalanced brains to a more balanced and comfortable (hence, easier to focus and gain skills!) place, the tips and posts found on this page will be more concrete and field tested than any I share. Plus, you'll get to peek into the thoughts and ideas that began my journey to share and discover my own! 

Welcome to our a fabulous cycle!

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A short bio and contact info for Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD:

Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad is an international mental health and parenting therapist, specializing in autism. She is a speaker, author, performer, popular podcast host, neurofeedback & autism expert, and creator/host/therapist for the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, now showing on The Autism Channel. She is also the single mother of eight now grown children; Six were adopted and four were on the autism spectrum. Only one of her sons retains his label and remains dependent. 

Contact Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROADDoubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback and has an MS. She is studying for her PhD in Psychology with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook University 
Email: Phone: 713-213-7682 

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Facebook Post (October, 2013)

When doing a study the trick is to get enough people to participate. This is so that the outliers don't contaminate the numbers and just end up washed out by the mean. 

In other words in science we ignore the exception and focus on the norm. 

The problem with that is: its the exceptions that teach us to change our paradigm enough to understand something new.

I watched the movie World War Z with my grandson last night and frankly loved seeing this concept portrayed in a commercially successful Zombie movie... because...

Its not just the exceptions but finding the exceptions in the unexpected (or exceptional) moment that makes 'difference' loud enough to be heard like a resounding clap of thunder shaking up our world and making things new.

We could use a little new.

Fact is everyday I help challenged people grow by watching for the slivers of brilliance and building on that. I never let their 'norm' wash away their possibilities. Because I am after something new.

Are you?

Facebook Post (October 2013)

When you enter the room look first to see what got done (oh you played with your sister) not what didn't get done (you didn't clean your room).

It completely changes every moment thereafter.

(Article published on OpEdNews October, 2013)

Facebook Post (Sept.2013)

One of my "unique" Grandsons asked me if I knew why when women's nipples get cold they stick out and when men's penises get cold they shrink in. Appreciating the science in the question I began to explain the concept of contraction when he interrupted with his new learning about little hairs on nipples and no hairs on penises leading to penises having to pull in and hide while nipples could stick their hairs out to make a little winter coat of warmth.

It was an awesome discussion and led to the realization that we were both informed about some part of the answer but that it took two of us to get the full story. It was also comforting because...

The fact is my nipples are very often contracted and his penis frequently hides.

Needless to say we preferred the new concept that our bodies were well equipped for weather rather than poorly equipped for social acceptance.


Facebook Post (Sept 2013):

The Scoop On Poop! 
Poop is very different from Pee in that it is easy to withhold and end up constipated. Even with large amounts of oil and water in the diet many kids become with-holders. (If poop is severely dry and compacted add magnesium if that doesn't work increase vit c if that doesn't work GO TO THE DOCTOR!) 

Assuming all is healthy, divide poop training into different categories. 
1- according to normal schedule
2- kids who like to Poop Play
3- kids who prefer to stand or squat
4- kids who want no other sensory input so hide

For 1- just spend a few days before potty training tracking the normal time of occurrence and pointing out to the child (verbal and nonverbal) that it will be easy for him/her to poop at "Poop Time" Set an alarm for an hour in advance and become gently vigilant.

For 2- This is sensory play. It may start as the early sensation in the tummy or as the sensation as it releases or as the fun of touch, temperature, sight, smell and parental reaction. Some pointers: if tummy movements are obvious massage and knead tummy with a fun poop song as well as warm compresses. As it releases use warm peanut butter with excess smells (like garlic or lavender) and keep it handy. (use a cup warmer) Allow messy play and fingers to the mouth as long as the hands remain poop free. This type of play can be shaped until it is no longer messy.

For 3 - have special poop pants and a poop spot (great for nonverbal asking) when the child indicates the need offer the pants or the potty. Accept either. This can be moved to standing in tub and then eventually on potty. Same for squatters though a very low potty causes squatting and often works. (this is actually better for emptying the colon).

For 4- Dim the lights and light an unscented candle to absorb smell. Offer a quiet corner in the closet or shower stall (better) or bathtub. Once the sensory system gets organized enough to perform with intention shape until quiet potty time is achieved.


Good Luck!
"You can't walk gingerly. You have to step in and say I am going to love you robustly and we are going to get to the end of this!"~Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD

Article: State Dependent Learning (Hyper link)

(Article published on A Celebration of Women February 2013)

Facebook Post (May 2013)

My Answer To The Difference between a Tantrum and a Meltdown:

Tantrums are a method for getting what one wants and stop the minute that the tantrummer realizes the method doesn't work.

A meltdown may look like a screaming, fighting, throwing fit of apparent rage OR even simply be a literal gentle dropping to the ground and happens when multitasking ii required. 

It simply stems from being unable to shift focus quickly... the reasons for this problem are many but the solution remains the same: slow down, do it one thing at a time and explain explain explain.

(Article published on Special Needs Book Review March, 2013)

"Understanding the intricacies involved in raising someone with a physical or mental challenge for those who have never experienced it is like trying to understand anything foreign; impossible, though definitely worth doing anyway." ~Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD

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