Sunday, January 22, 2017

Autism Answer: A Resume For Personal Planning And Reflection

Working with my eighteen-year-old son on his resume was a surprisingly wonderful way to learn more about how he sees himself and what he wants for his future.

It also offered some organic opportunities for me to suggest slight shifts and to help him highlight qualities he can be proud of.

"Don't lie on your resume," I explained, "but take the time to show how even your challenges are part of why you'll be a good employee."

"I don't think daydreaming makes me a good employee," he pointed out.

"No, but you daydream because you have an interest in stories and people. So, let them know that you have an interest in people which makes you helpful and a good listener most of the time; then if you want you can admit that sometimes you daydream."

"That's true," he realized. "What about that thing you always bug me about? That I move too slow."

His sly grin was no match for my ability to spin everything into a positive! To add a little perspective! "You mean the thing about you moving slowly because you're careful? Because you don't want to risk making a mistake by rushing? That thing?" Ha!

He nodded and realized that is also true. Part of the truth, but still true.

His resume is an honest reflection of him for his potential employers. And it has reflected himself to himself, also. Writing it meant thinking about who he is, what kind of job he really wants, and who he wants to be.

It meant focusing on his strengths which reminded him to focus on his strengths. 
It was fun!

Well, not the part where we had to actually type it on the computer and learn formatting and stuff. That wasn't fun.

But talking about it and planning it and imagining bringing it to the places he wants to work was fun!

And like I always say, it's deeply important to love the work you do although it's necessary to remember there will be aspects you don't enjoy. Like learning to format documents and stuff. So I guess even that was fun because I got to example loving my work (helping my sons) while doing the aspect I don't love without complaint (formatting).

Errrrr.... don't tell him I complained. Kay?
tee hee!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!! 
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 P.S. If you are looking for someone to work nights, especially bartending in a not too busy bar or working at a hotel desk, I know a handsome young man who would love an interview! :D