Monday, February 22, 2016

Autism Answer: Fall In Love With Someone New #BrainBroadLoveHabits

I wrote this in February's edition of The Loop

I fall in love just a little, ol' little bit, every day with someone new." ~Hozier
Love and Habits
Love is lovely, friends!
I have a fun exercise for us in this episode of The Loop; homework, if you will. (The kind of homework I think schools would do well to consider!) Let's teach ourselves a delightful love habit by falling in love, daily! I encourage us to choose ourselves first. Today. Now! Fall in love with yourself! Let the way your hair falls tickle your tummy, see your quirks as adorable, hear your ideas and swoon.  Do this everyday with someone new. Your spouse, your child, the lady on the corner asking for money, the guy who sells you your lottery ticket. Fall in love! Giggle at their jokes, put extra energy into your banter, try to make the conversations last. Have a crush on humanity with us this February!
I invite you to share your experiences and new loves on Lynette's Brain Broad Facebook page: Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad, tweet or email thoughts and pictures to with the subject line/hashtag: #BrainBroadLoveHabits
Have fun falling in love!

I've been loving the responses! Check out posts to The Brain Broad's page to get a peek at some, click on the hashtag #BrainBroadLoveHabits on Twitter, and I invite you to participate as well!! You can post a picture, a story, a link to a story... whatever works for you! Or, just enjoy the posts of others and fall in love with them. That counts!!!

Here's one of mine: 

Me having a crush on myself.
I like the way I comfortably hang out in my pajamas and read great books, often, without feeling guilty about taking delicious down time. I think that's pretty cool and crush-worthy of me!

And another one: 

Yesterday I went to the post office with Shay and we discovered a yellow slip, indicating a package was waiting. Could it have finally arrived, we wondered. Shay gave me a hopeful smile and we headed to the counter.

Upon seeing me the kind folks who distribute all of our mail, our bills, loan approvals, pizza coupons, and online ordered packages, gave a knowing grin and disappeared into the back of the building, returning with a small brown cushioned envelope.

"Well, your music's here," said the lady happily handing me my Seven Mary Three CD.

As I clapped and jumped and excitedly thanked her, I saw the others standing back watching me get the music I ordered a week ago, smiling odd knowing grins my way. I'd been coming in everyday, hopeful with anticipation, describing the dance room my husband built for me and telling them how much freedom and joy I experienced in there, diminishing slightly only when I find myself needing new music. Which I had ordered and was waiting for.
I think they think I'm strange, but none of us mind that at all!!

I fell in love with my local post office yesterday.
And then I danced my ass off in my dance room!!!

And one more to show the diversity and simplicity of possibilities: 

I got a call last night from a telemarketer. I had no interest in his product but I took some time to have interest in him. We chatted for five minutes, long enough to explore ideas but not so long that he'd lose too much work time. We laughed a little, considered his future parenting prospects for a bit, and he suggested a title to the book he'd like me to write: A Canadian in Texas. I had a crush on humanity, and a telemarketer, last night! #BrainBroadLoveHabits 

These are some fun examples of the true moments "falling in love a little bit with someone new" has offered me. There are more examples from others (see Rachel Clark's consistent and lovely posts on The Brain Broad's Facebook page!!!!) and I invite you to live out and share some examples as well!!

For inspiration, here's Hozier singing the song that inspired this idea! 

Happy falling in love, friends!!
Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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