Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Autism Answer: Even When We Walk Away, We Participate


It is a wonderful practice to unplug and walk away from media influences.
Yet, even when we choose to unplug and rejuvenate without the direct influence of television, social media, or tabloids, we are still incapable of not being affected. The people we speak to, the properties we live in, the land we play on, the work we do, the money we spend, the food we eat - the list of ways we are forced to participate in artificially created systems bigger than ourselves is practically endless, and always evolving. 
I think this does not mean we must then spend our time on the inside. 
In my experience the more time I spend unplugged and away from the focused news, information, and opinions, the better I am at actually digesting and considering them. Of thinking bigger than only them. 
Also, though, I do like to spend some time being informed. I think I am more thoughtful when I learn from these things that attempt to persuade me. 
I go through the world as only me, with my looks, abilities, finances, sensory sensitivities, etc. So, I rely on the writing and speaking of others to better consider and to learn more. 
It's nice to walk away and unplug. To be without direct arguments, opinions, or even information. To simply allow myself to conjure the information that grows naturally from myself. But I cannot pretend it is information grown only from myself. It is always informed by the flora and fauna of my environment. 
I can largely choose my environment, even help create it, but I cannot coerce or deny it. 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
My boot on the ground in nature