Friday, August 9, 2013

Autism Answer: Go Dancing for them, go Dancing for you!

*Author's note: I wrote this for my Facebook Page a few weeks ago. Since it has a very Friday feel to me, I thought it would be fun to share here today!! Happy Friday friends!!!*

I went dancing last night at a tiny little dive one minute from my mom's house. I danced with my cell phone in my hand, peeking at it between songs and dorky dance moves. 

Not a single one of my children called me hoping I would come home. I did get a call from one son who needed a ride home from work, so I left the dance floor and went to pick him up. 

When I told him I'd been dancing he smiled at me and admitted,"That sounds like fun! Are you going back?" I figured I might as well, since no one seemed to be minding. 

I went back. I danced the rest of the night. I didn't get a single message from my boys whining that they needed me or confessing that they'd shaved the top of their head, creating a quarter sized bald spot--the sort of call I used to get when I decided to go out. 

I got home and only one of my boys was still up. The one that is always up because he doesn't like to sleep at night, preferring to line up soup cans. "Did you have fun?" he asked. "I had a blast." I answered. Then we went to bed. 

I guess I can just go dancing now, and it's for me. Not because I think my kids need to learn to let me go out, or because it's good for them to see that grown-ups can go to a bar, have fun and not drink, or because I want my boys to learn that they can take care of themselves--some of the reasons I used to go dancing. 

I can go dancing because I love to go dancing. I can go dancing just to have fun. And I'm going to go ahead and believe it's because I have also always gone dancing for all those other reasons.

So go ahead and go dancing--or whatever it is you love to do! Do it for all those reasons! And remember to take the time to notice the fantastic things you and your kids are getting from that fun!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!

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