Sunday, August 25, 2013

Autism Answer: Why I was MIA (or Remembering my Summer)

**I wrote this for my Facebook Page a few weeks ago, but it pretty much sums up how my summer felt. So, since as of tomorrow all of my school-aged boys will be back in school, and summer holidays will be officially over, I felt it was perfect to share tonight! Hugs!!**

Sorry I haven't been around friends! A bunch of us (mom, brother, some of my kids, myself) were helping my sister move into her new home. Finally, after a month of classy homelessness--they were staying in pretty hotels while house hunting--they are now in an abode of their own! Well... it's a rental, but one thing at a time!

After getting boxes and furniture into the house, after fighting with family (in a fun way!) for the role of playing with my nieces to keep them feeling the fun and avoid experiencing stress, after driving to Starbucks for food and free internet, after so very many sweet, surprising, impressive, exhausting, challenging and adorable family moving moments, it was time for my niece to turn thirteen!!!

For her thirteenth birthday there was a van FULL of fan girls who giggled and sang and hollered and sang again at FULL volume the whole ride to a resort where my sister had prepared a phenomenal party experience. Food, swimming, water-slides; an all night giggle-fest with barely a noise limit. An early morning breakfast buffet where the whole party night could be remembered, drawn and shared via social media.

And then... time to head back to mom's. And time to talk about my return trip to Texas. Far away from my sister, nieces, brother, mom and oldest boys. Back to my other brothers, husband, animals and home.

It was fabulous and fun! It was exhausting and hard. It was emotional and exciting. Change, every kind of change, almost always is. 

A new home for my sister. Back to my old home for me. Away from people and things I love, to be with people and things I love.

So, that's why I've been MIA friends! Because life sometimes gets in the way. And that's okay. Because it's supposed to!

Life's job is to remind us to live it! With flexibility. With fun. And with friends and family!!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!