Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Autism Answer: A Back-to-School Must Have!

Just the other day my sixteen year old son said to me,"Mom, everyone should be given a copy of The WingMaker for back-to-school. That way they'll start off the year with a good attitude toward each other."

What a brilliant point!! 

The WingMaker, by Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD (aka my mom!) is a rhyming picture book written for both younger and older audiences--layered with fun and insights that reveal themselves accordingly. It's the true story of a girl with cerebral palsy and her desire to play and be a bigger part of her own world. Her mom is challenged to believe in her, for fear of false hope, until a fabulous therapist (called Happy-Ness!) shows up. When mom explains that the little girl can't talk or play or walk, Happy-Ness declares,"Well that's okay. Maybe we'll pretend she can day upon day." Recreating!

And just as skills and play are learned, and life is full of living, grief visits in the form of a death. Once again we are reminded about challenge, and then offered gifts for actively handling it, learning from it, and living life fully once again.
Enjoy this beautiful book trailer for The WingMaker
with both the author (my mom!!) and her son--my brother!

The book encourages an attitude of belief, acceptance, and fun. It also examples healthy ways to deal with hurt and grief. For students it's a lovely way to begin the year, seeing their peers--regardless of ability--as equals and valuable. And gifting them with ways to grow healthy in the face of hardships.

Start the school year off with The WingMaker. While you're at it, go ahead and encourage your local school to buy in bulk for every student!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

The WingMaker: by Lynette Louise
A beautiful tale that inspires you to play, feel,
imagine, and believe!