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Autism Answer: Declyn's Homework

*Declyn wanted me to share his homework with you. He was told to write an essay on what it would be like if he were from ancient Rome and had been suddenly transported to modern America. I think it's pretty awesome when my boys want to share their stuff with you!! It lets me know that I'm not wrong in feeling like we're all connected, like we're one big fantastical family, in the world and especially here on Autism Answers!! So without further ado, Declyn's homework!*


by Declyn Shelton 

     I wasn't always a lawyer for the U.S. I was once a consul, a man of power. I controlled armies, and now I'm being controlled by superiors. Believe me when I say I had power. Whenever I wanted to attack, I would just say it. The biggest problem was Thane, my best friend, who was also a consul; how was I to know that he had magic? I trusted him, but I knew that all he wanted was to rule. My first mistake was to let him get close when I knew his intentions. I was about to make a very important decision that may have made Rome the most powerful nation. I was just about to announce the plan when Thane wanted to talk. Thane said,"Let me ask you something. Are your morals just, or are they wrong? Tell me when you return." In a flash my old life was gone, but a new one began.

     I was lost in a place where everyone was skinny in tight leggings, known as skinny jeans. It was as if everything the Romans achieved was for nothing. All we wanted was the world under one banner. I was surprised, but mostly cautious, due to the change. All I want is to understand how the world has changed, because the wars didn't. The way we fight and what we fight for are the same: religion, power, and land. The culture is not near what it used to be, it used to be about the Gods, but now it's God, Allah, Buddah...etc. One God, that's the most popular of the beliefs here. The way he gives hope is amazing. In Rome we had no hope, but seeing the people of this America is worthwhile. I will try to explain the differences the best I can, but it won't be perfect. I will start with education. 

     The education of Rome was very limited to specific genders. Girls were only taught to read and write, with is very unfair. Here girls have just as much education as boys, more if they want. In this generation so many people gain the ability to learn all important aspects: math, spelling, languages, and much more. In my time only boys were taught about society and the army. I was surprised when I found out most boys don't know how to wield a sword. I was even more shocked with the numbering system. They can count to millions and beyond. 

     The world knows of our actions, I have read about them in history books. Our education hasn't ended it just became so much more. In Rome the boys were rarely interested in politics, but now they are all taught it in school.  

     The economy is much different, compared to ours. The U.S. uses paper, they use it as a form of currency. If it's not paper it's numbers whizzing through the air in a technological sense. Yeah, I know, I'm using worlds like "technological", but that's because I've been here for so long. In Rome we used coins made of silver denarius. Most Romans were farmers, some were slaves owned by rich people, and there were soldiers who brought in the money. The Roman economy was mainly agricultural. The new generation's economy is so diverse that agriculture isn't as important as before. The new economic advances have allowed exponential growth of the world's technology and connections. I believe that the new economy has been the cause of people gaining new cultures and connections, finding new people to care about. The new economy is truly "one leap for mankind". 

     I could go on about all of the changes, and yet it seems unimportant. Everyone I've met in this new generation is looking for the same things we were--power, family, riches, new ideas, alliances--and some people find it while others never do. I don't know what answer I will have for Thane if he ever brings me back to the time we shared. He asked me if my morals were just or were they wrong. But I think I've learned that my morals are both just AND wrong. So I'm doing the best I can with the time I have, it doesn't really matter when. 

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The Time Travelling Author!
Funny, I didn't know Greyhound had destinations that included
time travel. I mean, I know we changed time zones and all....
tee hee!

*Pretty good essay, huh? He wrote it while I was out of town and the only part I had any hand in helping him with was his closing paragraph. The whole thing was finished and already handed in to his teacher before I even got to read it.*

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!
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