Sunday, May 3, 2015

Autism Answer: The Mess In His Brain

My seventeen year old son, Shay, finally got the vampire teeth he ordered. As he sat reading the instructions on how to customize them so that they'd snap off and on easily, and fit comfortable, he chatted with me about all the reasons he wanted the teeth. 

The stories and explanations included all kinds of characters from all sorts of realms and dimensions in time and space. 

Eventually, I interrupted him. 

ME: Man, I wish I could spend time in your brain! It's gotta be fantastical in there!

SHAY: Oh, no, mom. You couldn't handle it in there. You know what it's like? It's like somebody went in and made a huge mess, knocked everything over, broke stuff, dumped trash, and just had a huge tantrum. Then it's left to me to clean up the mess, figure out where everything goes. I get side tracked easy and it takes a long time but just when I think I'm getting it figured out, bam! Here comes the mess maker! Things get thrown around and broken all over again. 

ME: Okay, so when you're at the point of putting stuff away and figuring out where it goes, do you always pick the same style and design? Do you always make the same choices? Or do you adjust the look based on new things you've learned and new things you want out of life?

SHAY: I guess I adjust it. But I really wish it would just stay cleaned up in my head for a while, you know? It seems like I never even get to finish the job. 

ME: It's going to be a fun conversation when you realize that the guy making the mess and doing the tantruming is probably also you. 

SHAY: Ya. I know. 

ME: Anyway, you're not making me want to spend time in your brain any less, dude. Now I want to hang out in there even more!!!

We had a good giggle and my son went back to molding his vampire fangs while describing insightful truths using imagery, dragon wings, and dream worlds. 

It's a Shay thing. 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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Shay and his fabulous vampire fangs!
He ordered them from
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