Monday, December 7, 2015

Autism Answer: My Boys at Burger Lounge

My two oldest sons, Tyran and Jory.

My two oldest sons often do production assistant work for my producer sister. She produces big advertising photo shoots and they do their best to help her out on set. They love it! 

Last week my sister worked a big job and needed all of her crew. However, my oldest son was working his regular job and was unavailable, so I replaced him. I've been on sets before, and I love being an assistant, so though I knew it would be hard work, I also figured I'd be naturally good at it. 

Oops! Silly me!! 

I did work hard, and I did love it (working with my family tends to always include a fantastic atmosphere) but I was not a natural! 

However, my son trained me and my sister assisted me (yes, the producer assisted her assistant!) and while I was continuously learning I was also continuously impressed and amazed at how talented my sister and my son are. Patient, focused, lovely, creative, and strong are a few words that immediately come to mind.

I had many favorite moments. And I expect over the next few days you'll be invited to share a few with me. We all know I love to tell you about my favorite moments!

For now, let me share this simple, beautiful, mom-tastic one. 

One evening after we wrapped, my oldest son met us in Santa Monica for a late night meal. He knew we only had a couple of hours to spend with him, but he also knew that it was likely the only chance he and I would have to see each other until who-knows-when, so he and his girlfriend endured the California traffic for a meal with me. 

We met at Burger Lounge, he bought us food, and we hugged so tight!!! Then, my two oldest sons talked about the production, how it was going and how my oldest son was missing the energy and people on my sister's crew, and what it was like to work with me. 

I listened to my boys talk about me and love me and laugh at me and adore me and be embarrassed of me while they ate their burgers. I saw them keep an eye on me to make sure I was enjoying it. I saw them love each other and miss working together and share work memories and care about including me, while being honest and comfortable. 

I saw my two grown sons and listened to their banter; comfortable and careful and caring and gorgeous. 

We're always learning and forever growing up. We're all confident and practiced at some things and uncertain or new at other things. I know I'll have to work at least one more time to get a good groove and intuitive nature as a production assistant. 

But one thing I know for sure after seeing my boys at Burger Lounge, one thing I know completely and with absolute certainty, is that they are grown up. All the growing up and learning they do now, for the rest of their lovely lives, will be much like the extra patties on their over-sized burgers: more.

Just, more.
Simply, more.

Who they are now is enough. They are grown, they have the tools, they know what matters to them. The rest of their lives will be mostly about adding more. 

I'll continue to be amazed.
I'll continue to tell the stories.
And together, we'll keep adding more. 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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Tyran and my sister, Brandessa. As you can see Tyran loves when his mom takes pics of him on set!