Thursday, December 17, 2015

Autism Answer: Happy Birthday, Jory Rand!

My oldest son, Jory Rand.

Twenty-two years ago today, Jory was born.

I was nineteen, and he was perfect. Everywhere we went I beamed with pride, and when we'd pass other moms and dads I'd nod apologetically, knowing that though their children were fine, mine was the best!

(BTW: That's not a joke, I really felt apologetic. Hey, now, I was only nineteen! And look at him!! giggle!)

Together we made millions of perfect mistakes, and learned millions of perfect lessons. 

In fact, I learned one of my most important parenting lessons the very day Jory was born.

After weeks and months of going out of my mind with excitement about being a mom and meeting the child I knew would always be my best friend, he was finally born and immediately introduced me to what I would come to learn was an absolute truth: 

He wasn't part of me, he was himself. And I didn't know him yet. 

He taught me, immediately, that it would be our privilege to spend a lifetime getting to know ourselves and each other. 

It has been a most fun, movie filled, cheese and crackers munching, friend making, positive thinking, elaborate fort making twenty-two years!

I love you Jory Rand!!! 

Happy Birthday!!!! 

 Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!
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