Saturday, December 19, 2015

Autism Answer: Screenshots and Stories - My Book's High Rating On Goodreads

My book is the Highest Rated on Goodreads!!

Well, it's highest rated of the books I've rated. This year. On Goodreads. Because it's been rated four times by friends of mine who loved my stories, rather than hundreds of times like the other books I've read and rated. With four ratings of five stars, well, my book keeps a full five star rating.

But when you see this screenshot you see that my book is...
A Highest Rated on Goodreads!!!

I'm sharing with you for two reasons. 

1) I love the excuse to remind you about my book and I hope you'll get a copy for yourself and a friend. Maybe you'll add it to a few Christmas stockings this year!

2) I love reminding myself, and my friends, that the screenshots we're offered in the lives of others are almost always misleading. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. It's important to remember that. Not so we can roll our eyes and think, "Ya, right, I'm sure that's not really ‪#‎nofilter‬ and I know her marriage isn't as good as she's saying it is." But so we can slow down the self judging based on purposely chosen and shared screenshots from others. (Look closely and you'll see I had a tab open specifically teaching me how to take a screenshot so I could show this off!) And also so we can smile and applaud our fellow life moment sharers for choosing to celebrate the beautiful moments. Sure, sometimes the shared moments are complete lies, but mostly they aren't. Mostly they're a true screenshot within a bigger story. A favorite scene from a colorful life. 

So, yes! My book is a Highest Rated on Goodreads!!!

That's true!!

It's also true that it's highest rated in 2015, by four people. Including me, the person who wrote the book.  

So, remember to celebrate the screenshots shared by others, don't judge them harshly. And don't waste too much time comparing them to your story. 

Please, also, enjoy the screenshots shared by you! I encourage you to be honest with yourself about why you choose to share the ones you do, and to be honest with others as well. You can never tell the full story behind a screenshot, but you can always choose to tell a favorite story. 

I'm proud to share this screenshot of my book's high rating with you! I'm proud that I like it, that my friends like it, and that in 2015 people have chosen to give it five stars. And I'd remain proud if I chose only to show you that screenshot without the story behind it, because it is true. But I'm also happy to share some of the story behind that, because there are fun answers there. Either way, it's a screenshot and my chosen story.  

If you'd like some ideas on how to tell honest stories with intention and truth, well, grab yourself a copy of my book! I know you'll love it. After all...

It's a Highest Rated Book on Goodreads!! tee hee!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!
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