Friday, May 27, 2016

Autism Answer: From The Beginning (Diversity and Difference)

My two oldest sons, long ago!

From the beginning my oldest son chose to share everything and borrow everything and believe that everything belonged to everyone. 

From the beginning my second oldest son chose to keep his things safe, rarely use things belonging to others unless given clear permission and believe that everything belonged to someone. 

In the beginning they believed these things with passion, but also like children. Today, they still believe these things with passion, but more like men. 

My oldest son has a socialist style and my second oldest son has more of a libertarian style.
They balance me, my boys. They balance this world. 

We need everyone and every style. When we are open and willing, they balance us. 

They can also enrage and blind us, if we choose to let them. 

But my sons have reminded me, from the beginning, that we can always choose to be balanced. 

When they believed these things, even as children, they demanded to be heard and insisted on having their say, but they also found ways to allow balance. There was anger, but there was an innate belief that we all had a right to be who we were. 

From the beginning, my sons were who they are. It has been my privilege to guide, encourage, learn, and shift with them. 

Let's always allow people to be who they are. Let's always choose to discover and grow rather than force and change. 

I believe in integration without the expectation of assimilation. 

It is challenging and mind-expanding and exciting and bewildering. 

It is wonderful and balanced. 

It is how our nature thrives.

Today is a beginning. 

From this beginning, who are we going to be?

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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