Monday, May 23, 2016

Autism Answer: On My Brother's Birthday He Is Your Gift

Today my brother, Dar, turns thirty-five!! 

For over a million reasons my life is better because of Dar. For over a million reasons your life can be better because of Dar! 

My mom was drawn to him and adopted him when he was only three. "He's blind and deaf, he's a feral child, he'll go to the institution when there's room for him," they said. 

I stood quietly watching the small skinny boy run around our house and make strange noises. Then I turned my ten year old gaze on my mom and watched her watch him with love, curiosity, and something different - understanding. She seemed to know what he was saying and doing when it seemed clear to me that he wasn't saying or doing anything. 

I was wrong. Dar was saying too much at once and no one but mom could help him communicate it. 

Mom was right. Mom fought to keep him and to prove his value to himself and to the world. 

The Universe brought them together at first, for them. 
Me and Dar

And then it was for me and my siblings, siblings who grew in numbers and who learned to listen and help
each other.

And then it was for you. Because now my mom and brother know how to tell you important things. Tell you, show you, sing it for you, make it deep and emotive, funny and entertaining. 

Together they are telling us all the things we want and need to know. 

Happy birthday, Dar!!!
I love you more!!! 

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Visit my mom's websites for much more on how their story helps folks like you and me! / 

VIDEO: This music video for my mom's song "Unfinished" stars Dar in the role of himself. This might be the greatest way to celebrate Dar's birthday. Music and my mom are his favorite things! Bonus points if we watch it while eating a stick of butter! tee hee! (Dar really loves butter!!)