Friday, May 5, 2017

Autism Answer: Peace Isn't Absence; Peace Is Action

"Peace isn't an absence of violence or war. Peace isn't absence; peace is action. Peace is solving problems, working together, recognizing cruelty and making thoughtful change. Peace is a series of actions and choices, large and small, intimate and in large groups. Peace isn't only possible, it's here. We do it daily. And I believe we can insist on making more of it." ~Tsara Shelton (aka Me!) #IDWP

Take advantage of your moments to practice peace. When you are helping your loved ones learn, when you are gathering together to create plans, when you are closing your eyes and envisioning a future for yourself, your children, and your world, choose peace. Take action and recognize your power. 

Do you see how often you are doing peace? Sure, violence is often easy to recognize (although, more often it isn't, which is why we sometimes continue to harm and hurt people we love without knowing it) but with practice, peace is also easy to recognize. Every day in situations big and small, we choose peace. We work at it. We explain it. We make changes when we see our peace isn't exactly the peace we believed it was. We apologize and discover new ways. 

Some of us choose peace more often than others, but we all do it. 

We also all harm, kill, and even disregard lives that our actions hurt. Some of us more than others.  

MY SIMPLE SUGGESTION: When we feel overwhelmed by the challenges in our homes or in our world (living with, or as, a severely autistic person often invites unique challenges that overwhelm us, regardless of how wonderfully loving we are) I suggest we bring our focus in closer. We look at the little things. The moments we were tempted to yell, but chose not to and instead took the action of sitting and listening or allowing or patiently teaching. The time a store had only one person working at the register and everyone decided to chat and understand and not complain about the wait. These are small actions of peace. Explaining to a friend why her joke isn't funny to you, rather than quietly fuming or angrily pushing her away by calling her "prejudice" or "homophobic" or whatever you feel was cruel about the joke. That takes work. The work of peace. And it is worth it. Please note, your friend doesn't have to understand for the work to be worth it. You only have to make the choice and take the action. In that moment you have chosen peace and stepped up for what you believe in. Our beliefs change but practicing peace gives us a skill that can last lifetimes. 

If you, like me, want a world filled with peace and love and laughter, perhaps start by celebrating the peace and love and laughter you are already creating!

Take that action and run with it!

Hugs, smiles, love & peace my friends!! /
 Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

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