Friday, May 26, 2017

Autism Answer: Doing Daydreaming

This is something I am often doing: looking, wondering, and wandering with my mind. 

This is not me taking a break or planning my day or avoiding responsibility. This is me doing something. 

And although I also do many other things, this feels like one of the more valuable things. Actually, it has proven itself time and again to be one of the more valuable things.

How unfortunate it is to create a culture that tells its children to focus, attend, plan, work, mimic, memorize, practice, and prove so much more often than doing this. Than doing daydreaming.

It feels like a cruel mistake, telling our children to tune into us and what we say so much more than tuning into themselves. Actually, it has proven itself time and again to be a cruel mistake. 

Let's allow our children the freedom to look, wonder, and wander with their minds. And let's insist on the allowance of it elsewhere. 

We can begin by doing, and valuing, more of it ourselves. 

What an important and fun homework assignment, friends!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

Looking up at the sky through a tangle of tree branches. Doing daydreaming.