Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Autism Answer: Why I love The Muppets

The Muppets can't really sing. But they do anyway, because they love it! And what happens? They are absolute sensations! 

They have discovered a talent much more wonderful that hitting the right notes and sounding pretty. They follow a desire for music, mix in a dash of perseverance and truth, then pick a goal and go after it with gusto (and, sometimes, chickens with plungers). They make friends along the way and discover that not everyone's talents and inspirations are the same, but that we all have them. And when they reach their goals they take the time to enjoy them, then look for another one!

Life is challenging, our goals are reachable but only if we know what they are and are willing to alter our plans and work our butts off to get them. But life should also be fun! So enjoy finding your family's unique interests and talents. Discover together what wonderful things those talents can become when shaped and understood. Sing, tell jokes, make a mess in the kitchen, work on inventions and bang your drums! Hide away from the chaos for five minutes every so often with a cup of coffee and a quiet mind (closets and bathrooms work well for this trick!) and then jump right back in with intention and heart!

Kermit and his friends have been places and done things no group of misfits like them should ever have been able to do! I know we can too!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

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