Sunday, February 9, 2014

Autism Answer: Engage with intention. Teach with creativity. Live with love!

Engage with intention: When playing with your kids, or hanging with your friends, remember to be engaged. Be in the moment, and also have a goal. The goal can be a skill, or a comfortable laugh... but have one! Don't put too much pressure on getting what you're after--the joy lives in the playful process and connecting--but be intentional!

Teach with creativity: There are so many ways to teach our kids and ourselves. The ideas are limitless! When asking for a change in behavior, clear language, or just a little awareness, be creative. Don't be afraid of a new idea or a way of teaching that might look weird or seem cooky... explore it! Not only will it make teaching more fun and effective, but it will exercise parts of your soul that are too often brushed aside for seemingly more important things.

Live with love: Why not?? What are your other choices?? The world is crazy and confusing, whether or not you're autistic. But crazy and confusing has the potential to be what we decide it is! We can live with a fear of being used or hurt. We can live with a worry for how the world sees us, or doesn't see us. Or... we can put on our comfy pants and feel good! Find fun in the crazy and our unique rhythm in the chaos. Live with love and it will live with you!

Regardless of how you choose to live, remember that by being you are also showing. You are showing your children what being an adult looks like, you are showing the world how you want to be treated, and you are showing yourself how you want to experience the world. 

The cool think about showing is that you can choose to change what you show, and be intentional with how you choose to see, whenever you want! 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD
Showing and teaching.
It's beautiful!