Friday, April 11, 2014

Autism Answer: Keeping And Teaching A Healthy Kind Of Crazy!

Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD... her crazy ideas have helped heal thousands of families around the world!!

My mom, Lynette Louise, grew up with an unbalanced brain and received a few temporary diagnosis off and on throughout her life. Friends sometimes just called her "Crazy Lynette!"... her out of the box ideas gifted them with fantastic and creative games to play, and quickly revealed her global vision and leadership qualities. 

Eventually she would adopt four crazy boys, and get custody of two crazy teenage girls, to the thrill of me and my sister, her two crazy biological daughters! And together our family went from Crazy to Sane--which also happens to be the title of my mom's one woman musical comedy show. 

Ya. She teaches brain science and mental health answers with comedy and music. Crazy, huh?!

Why yes! It's the right kind of crazy! The fantastic and helpful kind!

The brilliant thing is, as mom went from crazy to sane, she brought her out of the box thinking and crazy belief in the value of disabled and mentally ill people with her. In other words, she held onto the right kind of crazy! 

Now she travels the globe as a mental health and parenting expert and teaches families her unique blend of play therapy, neurofeedback, and family dynamics counseling... because she has the crazy idea that her clients should become their own experts and learn to not need her anymore!! 

Growing up our family adopted this theme song,"Boom boom ain't it great to be--crazy! Boom boom ain't it great to be--crazy! Giddy and foolish all day long, boom boom ain't it great to be--crazy!?" This was an important attitude. Because it reminded us to appreciate the great in our crazy, while encouraging us to keep it light and positive. It gave us the desire to celebrate our uniqueness, while mom consistently exampled the value of marrying that comfort with intention and kindness. 

It was the crazy in mom, and the crazy in us, that gave us the audacity to believe we could be happy, smart, individual, and successful. And when our crazy was the kind that hurt, confused, or scared us... we were just crazy enough to believe we had the power and ability to change that. So, we did!!

My mom has a talent for sharing a healthy kind of crazy while healing uncomfortable and unbalanced brains. 

Celebrate the crazy in your life too. The world needs a little more originality and a lot less trying to fit into some mold made for somebody else.