Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Autism Answer: More Than A Supermom!

~~Today is World Autism Awareness day, and it's also my mom's birthday. Since my mom is international mental health and autism specialist Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD, I thought it would be perfectly pertinent to share a little bit about her, and her gift giving nature, here. Happy birthday mom!!!!~~

My mom, Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD, is a woman who gives a lot! She travels the world to help families, writes shows and performs on her own dime for people who need what she knows, educates and certifies in order to stay relevant and helpful, invites struggling people to live with her and offers them ways to discover their path again, takes care of all eight of us kids, and then finds creative ways to help her grand-kids.... the list is endless!

When talking about mom I never know where to begin. She adopted my four brothers, all of them with special needs, and loved them until they learned to love themselves. She fought for legal custody of two of my sisters, who came from abuse and had other challenges, and loved them until they discovered themselves. Her two biological children (a sister and I) were always involved in the decisions and invitations of siblings. All eight of us were loved equally, and without ever knowing how hard it was for mom.

Mom's attempts at marriage couldn't handle us. Schools didn't believe in my brothers though mom begged and fought for them to do so. The abusive families of my new sisters fought to drag my mom's name through the dirt in order to keep their own names free of deserved inspection. Money was nearly impossible to make when children as needy as mom's were being sent home from schools and camps that couldn't see the beauty of us. 

But mom never, ever, let us see that we were difficult. Always we were her reason, her light, her everything. And life felt fun while we always felt supported. 

Now, my mom is an international mental health practitioner and so much more. Everything she knows she shares with parents around the globe via books, therapy, her podcast, an international reality series (FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD, airing on The Autism Channel) and more. But her sharing, hard work, and non-stop efforts continue to be for us; her children. 

She gifts tirelessly of herself in order to shift the attitude of a world that her children live in. In order to keep learning and discovering answers for my one remaining autistic brother--her slow moving miracle. Regardless of where mom is or what she's doing, it's for family. 

It's because as deep as you go in her soul, she's a mom. 

And because my mom loves and feels connected to the world we live in, that means we're all her family. Leaving her with a lot of giving to do!!!

Happy Birthday mom!!!
Happy Autism Awareness Day World!

World Autism Awareness Day 
Exhibit A
Loving, accepting, and discovering ideas together.
It looks like this!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!