Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Autism Answer: It's worth it.

My son couldn't sleep last night because of a powerful pain in his ear, possibly another ear infection-- which is quite common with autism. Both the ear infections and the not sleeping!

So, I ran to the grocery store for a few items and cooked up a batch of garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil. I poured a little in his ears while he finally slept. I also rubbed some on his skin and behind his ears throughout the day. Now he feels waaaayyyyy better. Not completely better, but way better. 

But first he told me that if I loved him as much as I say I do, I'd have rushed him to the doctor for emergency care and "real medicine". 

As I explained to him that it's because I love him so much that I insist on cooking up a batch of nature's offerings, foods and medicine given to us by Mother Nature, or God, or The Universe-- whatever you feel comfortable with--I was remembering a time from my own childhood when my mom stayed up all night with me as I vomited and cried in pain. I remembered how she wiped my brow and sang me songs and pulled my hair back every time I wretched and groaned. I relived how she listened to me scream and yell at her, insisting that she didn't love me or she'd rush me to the emergency room. Her patience came back to me as I recalled how she explained lovingly her reasons for staying home, while the younger me was too inexperienced to believe her and insisted I was dying and she didn't care.

I thought about how much I love my son and for a moment I was a little girl again, only this time I brought my experience with me and allowed myself to feel my mom's love. Along with her uncertainty and the hope-I'm-making-the-right-choice nervousness that comes hand in hand with parenting.

These moments, these beautiful and important moments, remind me to trust my love and instincts when parenting my sometimes unbelieving and ungrateful children.

Because always, and after very little time, they become believing and grateful.

Only ten minutes ago my son gave me an unsolicited hug and thanked me for understanding his pain and helping him through it.

I let him in on the truth. I did it for me, because of my love for him.

And it was worth it.

It's always worth it!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!

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PS: If you're interested in making the garlic oil I referred to, here's a great post I found at Creative Christian Mama with ear health tips and an even better recipe than the one I use. I've never used mullein but, according to my sister, it'll help ease the pain.