Sunday, June 8, 2014

Autism Answer: My Youngest Sons, and Words

My youngest son writes some of the most insightful essays for school. Over the years teachers have consistently commented, emailed, and red penned in the margins of his schoolwork surprised and inspired encouragement. 

The other day I asked him what he hoped to get out of his writing. His response was,"I want to change people's minds."

For a guy who loves his zombie XBox games and war movies, it's nice to know he's got a talent and confidence with the truest weapon and influence of all.


Declyn Capturing Words
And Changing Minds
Another Story:

Shay Sleeping Once Words Have Uncovered Answers
And Are Quieted 
On the drive to school one morning Shay told me that during the night, while he tried to sleep, he was having an argument with himself about the day's biology test.

"Well, at least it's biology which isn't as hard as algebra,"one side of him said.

"What are you talking about? Biology is like a mix of algebra and science... so it's harder than algebra," his other side retorted.

"Ya, but biology is all about stories. The stories make it easier to learn, and more fun too," explained the first side.

"Dude, algebra is stories too. You just have to pay attention differently to them," the second side argued somewhat cheekily.

"I know that. What I'm saying," the first side explained with patience,"is that today's biology test will be easier for me than yesterday's algebra test because I like biology better. It's my style of stories."

That was when Shay's voices got quiet and he was able to fall asleep.

Apparently his second side was smart enough to know you just can't argue with personal preferences and story styles!!! 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!

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