Monday, September 8, 2014

Autism Answer: Job Interviews & Hickies!

My eighteen year old son and his girlfriend just got their own apartment and spent the weekend packing and preparing for the three hour drive to their new place. They moved in yesterday. I got a call from my son last night. 

SON: Mom, I have a problem.

ME: Okay, I'll see what I can do! 

SON: Well, my girlfriend had to go back and see her mom so I'll be alone here for a little over a week. I had big plans to get a job, introduce myself to the local fire station and offer to volunteer, and check out the local community college to find EMT courses.

ME: That sounds like a proactive plan my dear! What's the problem?

SON: My girlfriend gave me three really big hickies on my neck. How can I look for work or go the fire station with those things? I don't look professional!

ME: (stifling a laugh) That is a bit of a problem. Welcome to the challenges of living with someone! Go to the store and get concealer, it's in the makeup section. I think, I haven't been in the makeup section since I was fourteen.

SON: I tried that last time this happened. It didn't work. It just drew more attention to the area.

ME: Hmmmmm.... I know! Wear a long scarf and act important. No one will see your neck, and they'll feel compelled to invite you into their crowd because you seem so important!

SON: Very funny! Oh, wait.... that's my girlfriend calling on the other line. Gotta go!

I said goodbye to my rug rat and marveled at motherhood for a moment. Though it's true that my advice was silly, it's also true that even if I wasn't being silly, if I'd have been brilliantly weaving answers that got him money, fame, happiness, and disappearing hickies, he still would have said goodbye to me when his girlfriend called. She's the one he lives with now. She's the one he's working to impress and protect now. She's the one he snuggles now.

But still, I'm the one he called for advice.

And that's the role that's most important to me anyway! The one who is trusted to come up with ideas, to not judge the problem, and to be there when he needs exactly that.

Our kids might move out but they don't have to move away.

I wonder what color scarf he's wearing today?

tee hee!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!

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My son and his lovely lady!!