Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book Review: Dirty Virgin ~ by Jessica Sitomer

Sassy, sexy, and sneakily insightful! 

That's how I would describe Jessica Sitomer's delicious read, Dirty Virgin: A Romantic Comedy Girl's Self Inflicted 12 Step Program for Finding Her Happily Ever After.

I met the author briefly at a conference in Los Angeles, and immediately fell in love with her energy and smile. Here was a woman whose life couldn't be more different than mine--and yet I felt a kindred spirit. Ladies, can't we tell when we meet someone who loves to think and wonder and take responsibility for who they are? Don't we feel a "we get each other" vibe when meeting another chickie-babe with a desire to discover herself with intention and an eye on moving forward?

Yes we do! Unless of course, we don't, but then... folks who don't aren't likely hanging out on my blog now, are they?? tee hee!

The main character in Jessica's book is the chronically hard working RCG - aka - Romantic Comedy Girl - aka - Reese Channing Gibson, and much like the movies she fashions ideas of love and romance after, her tale is a delightful romp into the very challenging world of life and romance. The road to finding our "Prince Charming" can be fraught with dragons (hurt hearts), evil step-sisters (bad habits), cruel kings (mis- communications that tear our world apart) and wart bedazzled witches (addictions we simply don't want to acknowledge as "a big deal") and Reese shares her hard truths in this adventurous tale with a big dose of fun!

Beginning with creating her very own 12 step program fashioned after the many programs that have helped countless others, but personalizing it for her own goals and her own personality. With steps as brilliant and diverse as "Make Decisions to Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health" to "Stop Comparing Yourself to Others" and--one of my favorites!--"Embrace Embarrassment You're not Perfect". 

Okay my friends, I have to admit to being surprised by how much of me I could see in this sexy single looking-for-love lady! I fully expected to enjoy the story, but never imagined I'd totally get her! 

I've never thought about my relationships with men the way Reese does, but as you all know I'm "addicted" to breaking down, making stories of, and learning from my relationship with my sons. Who, it just so happens, are men. Huh, interesting.... but I don't want to start tangentalizing! (Read the book, you'll get it!)

The point is, we discover more about ourselves, and people in general, when we take the time to both enjoy and examine who we are and what we attract in our relationships. With friends, lovers, wives, siblings, children, teachers, yoga instructors.... who are we with them? What do we attract and encourage from them?

While we take each step with Reese, the clever and sexy and fabulous friend that is the book's heroine, we are encouraged to do a bit of fun and thoughtful introspection ourselves.

And with a drink in our hands!!

As a non-drinker Reese loves to "look like a party without having a party in her glass" and so each chapter comes with a corresponding drink and recipe. Both dirty and virgin. 

Of course, I was drinking coffee..... shhhhh! Don't tell Reese! Giggle!

Ladies, this book is for you. Married or single or somewhere in between, you'll find fun and comfort in these pages. And because most of my followers enjoy reading blogs (okay, I didn't do the research but since this is a blog and you're here, I brazenly made the assumption!) you'll appreciate the many blog posts weaved into the story. Truly, we writers can all imagine gong back to our posts and examining ourselves in much the same way Reese does!

So I say grab a glass, mix up a dirty virgin Mimosa (recipe on pg. 25 of the book) and make a few new friends in the pages of the sassy, sexy, and sneakily insightful Dirty Virgin. 

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Book Title: Dirty Virgin: A Romantic Comedy Girl's Self Inflicted 12 Step Program For Finding Her Happily Ever After
Author: Jessica Sitomer 
Cover Design: Kathy Hoffman
Publisher: Greenlight Publishing
Number of Pages: 389
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