Monday, September 15, 2014

Autism Answer: Video Game Passions and PewDiePie

When I'm passionate about something I love seeing all the benefits it offers. Coffee helps your brain and your colon, an open mind allows me to love freely and choose wisely, reading novels is a doorway to other worlds that travels comfortably in my purse, etc. etc. 

Video games, well, they bore me. They look like a time waster, a responsibility avoid-er, an exercise eraser. But for my youngest son they are so much more than that!

He feels the stories the way I feel the books I read. He generates ideas and opinions based on attempts, failures, and wins the way I generate ideas when writing and reading articles. He problem solves and reaches for help the way I do when I'm parenting or creating a campaign.

Also, he avoids social challenges, the way I do when I'm reading books. He blows the importance of the problems to be solved out of proportion, the way I do when I'm parenting or creating a campaign. Also, he proves his business by pointing to ideas and opinions generated as a way to procrastinate, the way I do when I'm writing and reading articles.

The other day I saw an article claiming that PewDiePie had the #1 Rated YouTube channel, by terms of SlateScore. I wasn't surprised. PewDiePie is a Swedish video game commentator. Basically, he plays video games and talks about them on video, and people watch. Lots of people!

My son has been a fan of his for years now, and I'll be honest. I used to find it perplexing! Why the heck would he want to spend hours watching someone play video games?? I mean, I wouldn't sit and watch someone read a book. Not even my favorite book!

Though, I sure would love to sit and chat about it passionately when they're through....

And that's the thing. My son is passionate about video games. They're both his abler and enabler. So watching someone else be passionate (which is usually fun, regardless) about something that's a passion of his--well, I kinda get it!

PewDiePie sees things my son doesn't see while playing, and points them out. PewDiePie sees things my son does see, and talks about it alongside him. It's exciting!

As much as I think it would be a "better" world if Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad had the most popular YouTube channel, well... that's selfish and even prejudiced of me. Passion is passion, and judging another person's path to finding themselves and their values is NOT what I hope to teach, or believe!

So I will continue to help my son keep his passions healthy, and insist on keeping an eye on my own so that they also remain healthy. And when we dabble in the procrastination or avoidance zone--we'll laugh and smile and change and totally get each other!

My books are nice. 

His games are nice.
Our passions are us.

And they're equally valuable!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!

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