Friday, December 19, 2014

Better Than Me ~Short Story

Well... it happened to me again. Chuck Wendig posted a Flash Fiction Challenge, and suddenly I wanted to play! The challenge was to eyeball a random song title, and make it the title of our story. The song itself doesn't have to have anything to do with our woven tale, though it can. Well, I picked up my Hinder CD, and my eyes landed on "Better Than Me". I was gonna just listen to the song, but then a story popped in my brain.  
WARNING: It is unlike anything I've written for you here before, and it's got sex. It pretty much takes place during sex. And there are swear words. The *F* word is in the first sentence. Plus, it's sort of uncomfortable. And please remember, it's fiction!!!

Okay, so here we go, for those of you willing to take the plunge:

Better Than Me~ Short Story

“If you don’t fucking move your body, I’m walking out of here!”

He deserves better than me, and it hurts to know that. I was moving my body before but he told me he didn’t’ like the way my boobs looked when I did it that way, so I stopped. But now he’s pissed off because I’m supposed to be moving—and I know that—but I don’t know exactly how. 

I start to move my hands up his back and moan a bit. This feels subtle, so it can't be too bad, and also it is movement. I hope this is is good. I’m trying not to be afraid of disappointing him and so I look down at my breasts. I’m on my back and they just fall to the sides, almost disappearing into my armpits. It looks ugly! So I lift my arms in a position that kind of pushes them up, makes them look a little fuller. I think he’ll like that. 

He pushes roughly and I make a few more sounds, but when he looks at my boobs I see he looks angry. God, I wish my nipples would perk up! How could he like them when they look so deflated and uninterested?

“Turn over,” he tells me.

I know this means we’re almost finished, and I’m glad. I hate not being able to please him, but I know he’ll get pleasure if I turn over and he can picture something better, someone better. 

He deserves that. 

He’s so sexy. He always smells good and dresses in classy clothes. Every time we go out I see the girls stare, I watch them hate me. He stares back of course, and even takes some of them home, but he stays with me. He’s my boyfriend. 

And I know that in some ways, I do deserve him.

I’m not a good cook, but I always make sure he’s fed and his apartment is clean. When we go to the bars I dance for him and show his friends my moves when he tells me to. He likes seeing them lust for me while I give only to him. 

I never drink because I know he wants to. And goodness knows he deserves nights of fun on weekends. His bosses treat him like crap at his job, which he hates anyway. Working as a waiter in a high class sushi place isn't exactly his dream, and yet he’s forced to serve people living his high class dreams while he just sucks it up. 

He works every day though, because he wants to take care of me. He wants to one day take me to these places and treat me like a queen!

And he doesn’t just work at that job either. He works also at his dream. But his band—which is bloody awesome-isn’t going anywhere. Lord knows it’s not his fault. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for a dream, and with so little help! He’s got both vision and talent.

When he sings, our bodies drool!

His energy and voice dance their way into everyone’s libido, men and women, and we just feel him!

But the guys in his band are lazy. Sure, they like to play, but they don’t want to take risks. And like my boyfriend says, you can’t make it if you don’t take risks. 

Now I feel his hands on my hips as I reach to pinch my nipples. I think when he’s done I’ll sit up and hold my arms close at my sides which pushes my boobs together in a way that makes them look fuller. And my nipples will be perky because I pinched them, so I’ll look sexy for him. 

I feel him finish on me and carefully turn around, cautious not to get any mess on his bedspread. Once I had to take it to the cleaners because of letting it get stained when I went on my period in the middle of sex. How stupid I am! He spent over a hundred dollars on the spread and it’s classy!

“Start the shower, babe.” He says. 

I could hardly afford the cleaners because I only work as a dog walker. I love the job—there are so many kinds of dogs and they’re all wonderful!—but it’s not a career. It’s not classy and I don’t make much money. 

But, he loves me for who I am not my job, which is why I love him so much.

It’s hard for me to show it because I don’t have much to give. But I do show it in ways he sometimes notices. Like when I took his cover to the cleaners, even though I couldn’t really afford it, he kissed me and told me he loved me.

Or like the other night when we went to the bar. I didn’t drink because he wanted to get drunk so I had to drive, but I didn’t mind. Well… I have a really crappy car that he’s embarrassed to be in, but since he doesn’t have a car at all we had to take mine and I felt bad about that. But he was proud of me anyway, because I didn’t even have one drink. He started telling all his friends how lucky he was to have me. He’s lucky?! He even told me to show them my dance moves (which they’d already seen) and then to show them my boobs (which they hadn’t). That made me feel sexy, but I was afraid too because what if they didn’t like them? What if they told him he should get a new girl? Better than me?

Luckily , his friends liked them and even wanted to touch them. Some of the girls at the bar were calling me a slut and stuff, but I knew they were just jealous. I knew because I’ve been the one watching when my boyfriend touched other girls, and I hated them because I was jealous. 

That’s okay, it’s how relationships work.

My friend, Janice, that night she told me I deserved someone better. Me!! Oh, God, I laughed and laughed at that one! She called him abusive which made me laugh harder and even call her stupid. He’s never once, the two years we’ve been together, hit me or even threatened to hit me! He’s so sexy and classy, he could have any girl he ever wanted, but he loves me.

I’m just a small girl from nowhere with nothing. And he loves me.

Besides, Janice is gay and always had a crush on me so I think she said that because she wanted me to be single again. 

Although, I know I shouldn’t have laughed at her or called her stupid, because she did look hurt. Which is why I kissed her and did those things with her after. I felt like she really deserved someone better than me, too. 

As I’m getting in the shower with him now I smile to know how lucky I am. So many people are kind and caring to me, even though they deserve better. 

I’ve just gotta keep doing what I can to make me worth their time. 

They deserve it.