Saturday, April 18, 2015

Autism Answer: Welcome Home!

Me and my sister, and my two oldest nieces!!
Before leaving for my five day fabulous babysitting trip, where I got to see my nieces and my oldest sons and my brother and my sister and my mom, I made sure to leave the boys staying behind (hubby included) with plenty of food.

And though I got home to a mostly empty fridge, I couldn't help but notice that the vegetable crisper and the various healthy snacks I'd lovingly purchased for them remained untouched in my absence. 

Also, there were various fast food napkins and wrappers and pizza boxes tucked away--almost where I might not see them. They weren't quite scared enough of my reaction to take them out to the curb. 

A few moments ago my youngest son (a perfectly capable fourteen year old boy) gave me the biggest hugest happiest hug, then asked me to please get him a drink and a snack. "Welcome home!" he laughed a little bit cheekily and a lot comfortably. 

I rolled my eyes and headed to the kitchen, returning with organic iced tea and a plate of broccoli and dip. "I am welcome home!" I offered, a little bit cheekily and a lot comfortably. 

We snuggled again and watched a bit of Attack on Titan

I am welcomed home.
I am!!

And what's even luckier...
I'm welcomed in many homes!!

I am!!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!
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