Monday, June 22, 2015

Autism Answer: Me And Malaea In The Waiting Room--What Happiness Looks Like!

This is what happiness looks like!

My youngest niece, Malaea, and me!

This is what happiness looks like. Sitting with my youngest niece in the dentist's waiting room. Talking about the strange uncomfortable feeling of the freezing in her mouth. Doing the work of distracting her from hurt while my sister is with her sister, because it's her turn. Behind the white wooden doors my other niece is holding her mom's hand in the dentist chair. 

Keeping our moods light and happy while her face feels weird and kind of scary. Taking a selfie with her to show her that she looks great and is going to be okay. 

Being there. Being there and loving it. Doing the work and loving it. Getting on the floor and following her lead while keeping my grown up eye on the goal and somehow encouraging her in that direction. Aiming for fun and lessons as distractions from the strange feeling of numbing and the missing of her mommy. 

This is what happiness looks like. Being there. In the moment. In the moment with a goal that shapes the moment but is less important than the moment itself. 

Waiting rooms and car rides and walks to the park and dinner time. Those are the moments.

And this is what happiness looks like!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

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My mom, The Brain Broad, is playing with my other niece in this picture!