Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Autism Answer: What our Love Creates

My entire family is filled with story addicts and movie freaks. We write, act, sing, direct, edit, discuss, and decipher story ideas, song lyrics, and movies with passion. We share big dreams for the kind of fortune that grows when you know you're making your mark on the world. When you know you are nourishing your ideas by crafting them into stories you can share with the universe. 
A film written and directed by my mom, The Brain Broad, and starring my family. 
 (I play Sherry, the neighbor with the pink beehive hairdo!) 


I was hugging my sons so, so, so, so tight the other day as we watched San Andreas in the theater, celebrating Declyn's birthday. 

We gasped and laughed and tapped each other on the leg and nodded enthusiastically at things we knew each of us was thinking. It was, without question, a fantastic experience!

As the credits rolled I aimed my smile toward my two youngest sons. I was about to say something about how awesome it was to be with them, or ask if they liked the movie, or let out some other form of verbal celebration for the intensely delicious swirl of emotions I get anytime we do something together, when Declyn interrupted my random comment. 

Pointing up at the screen he said, "Soon that'll be your name up there, mom, when producers finally make the movie you wrote. Can you imagine how proud we'll all feel that day?"

I hugged him and kissed his cheek and nodded. There was no verbal celebration big enough for how proud and humbled and touched and grateful I was feeling. 

I love my sons.

I love how they love me.

And I love what our love creates. 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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Me singing a song I created. This is how I tell the story of my life. It's true, and it's intentional!