Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autism Answer: The Memories To Come

My seventeen year old son, Shay.

Me: (running to the back of the house, barging into my seventeen year old son's room, and crying out at the top of my voice) I want to snuggle city all of my sons right now!!!!

Shay: (my seventeen year old son, sitting on his bedroom floor writing a story and watching Doctor Who) You are so weird, mom. I want to try five minutes in your head. 

Me: (sitting down on the floor beside him and scooting close excitedly) Oooooohhhh! That would be fun! You go in my head and I'll go in your head. 

Shay: (patting my head and looking at me protectively) No, no, no, no. That would never work. My head is filled with teenager memories. You don't want to get stuck in teenager memories. 

Me: (looking up at him and marveling at his height) Dude! I have teenager memories too you know. I can take it!

Shay: (immediately, with no pause, adjusting his glasses and making comfortable eye contact) Yes, but you also have memories of how you got through the teenager memories. I'm seventeen, I don't have those yet. 

We look at each other in silence and mutual understanding for a moment. I love him so much. 

Me: (laying my head on his shoulder and pulling my legs up into my chest) You're right, good point. We'll do the memory swap in a few years. (trying to sound nonchalant, I add) I'm glad you know that, even though you don't have the memories of how you get through the teen years yet, you will. You will have those memories. 

Shay: (squishing my cheek) You're so adorable. 

Then we watch a few minutes of Doctor Who together. I listen to my son tell what things he would explore and the timelines he'd visit if he had a Tardis, and I know that as a mom I don't need a Tardis to discover and explore and feel responsible for other worlds and timelines. 

I also know that it's an adventure and responsibility I wouldn't change for the world--any world!

Happy Saturday, friends!

Have fun making "how you got through it" memories!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

Me and Shay.