Friday, October 9, 2015

Autism Answer: Driving Lesson/Life Lesson


I let my fifteen year old son drive our old beat-up van down the dusty country road that leads to our house. "Do you know where to aim your eyes?" I asked him, remembering how uncertain I had been at his age. Should I look at the road immediately in front of me or farther ahead?? And what about when making a turn? Do I watch where my tires are meeting the road? If so, how?

In typical teenage fashion, my son offered a cheeky,"Don't know mom. Should I keep my eyes at ten and two?" Very funny! 

"I'm being serious, you goofball!" I answered with a nervous giggle. I'm always a bit nervous when letting my boys take the wheel.

He humored me by answering honestly, though still with a bit of attitude,"I look ahead, where I'm going. Not at my hands or on the road right in front of me, but farther ahead. If I'm focused on where I'm going, I'll still see all the other stuff but without being distracted by it."

Well I'll be! 

"Exactly! Did I already tell you this?"

"Mom, you tell us that stuff all the time. Not about driving, but about life. I just noticed that it works for driving, too."

I'm proud to say, he's quite ready to take the wheel.


Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!
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My two oldest sons, at the wheel.