Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Autism Answer: Our Minds Are Like The Virtual World

Our minds are like the virtual world. 

Limitless, with absolutely everything available. Either it's been created or it can be created - infinite possibilities with infinite space. Our minds and our virtual world are learning from us as they focus on our habits, offering more of what we want, giving us proof of our intentions and searches, easily and quickly the more we continue to search. 

We are infinitely powerful because of this! 

But our minds and our virtual world sneakily slip into the power position because we easily forget our role. Forgetting that we are the true deciders of what we create, imagine, and search. We are the true deciders of the images and beliefs that surround us. For the most part. 

And when our brains are unbalanced or our virtual world hacked or borrowed, we can give up, we can believe we are not powerful. 

Or we can take purposeful control again. Reach out for help from recommended experts while using our own creativity to navigate happily among the unbalances and viruses. This, again, is power! 

Our minds are like the virtual world. And we are not only in control, but responsible, for what we ask them to create and discover for us. 

You know what I think, friends?

I think that's wonderful!!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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