Friday, April 15, 2016

Autism Answer: Fresh Ideas From Familiar Soil

Down the street from our home.

"Spring brings us new growth. That growth, though, comes from soil rich in old memories and nutrients. Spring, then, can be seen as a time to grow fresh ideas from familiar ground." ~Me

Spring carries with it a delicious newness in the air, an energy and smell that almost begs for fresh ideas! 

But those ideas, fresh and new and colorful as they are, are grown from years worth of old ideas, composted and broken down as fertilizer for growth. 

We flourish thanks to all the seasons of our lives, friends! Our seeding times, our blossoming times, our harvesting times, our composting and creating comfort for others times. Each season brings gifts to the wholeness of us. I suggest we not stay too long and get lost in any one season; be sure to value and seek them all! 

We flourish with help from the diverse vitamins and minerals of our lives. Our missteps, our accomplishments, our laughter, our tears. These are all part of our nutrient rich soil! Seeking relationships that bring us sunshine and the environments that encourage growth, for us and our loved ones, is our privileged as living beings. 

Spring has sprung in strange unpredictable ways in many parts of the world this year. Snow, rain, and sunshine are having a strange kind of fun with us. That's okay! Our usual timetable has been disrupted which means old expectations may need to be set aside so we are available to take joy in the new, possibly unnamed and never-before-seen, gifts that grow. We parents, siblings, friends, and folks with autism know deeply the value of that! Setting aside expectations of what has been in order to see what is and what can be.  

Yes, we are correct in exploring how we got here and why. What habits do we have that might be contributing to the strangeness of seasons? As with our children, what expectations do we have that need to be revisited and revised? What conveniences are we relying on that hurt our relationships and environment, making life quickly less convenient? Let's explore, but not to blame or feel guilt. Let's discover and weed out the culprits, respecting them for what they've done for us all the while. We are healthier and happier when we shift rather than shove.

Flourishing of a consistent nature happens when we're open to shifts in seasons and expectations without feeling a need to throw away tradition altogether. Flourishing happens when we allow fresh ideas to spring from familiar soil. 

Happy flourishing, friends! 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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