Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Autism Answer: Car Shapes and Hippie Talk

Happy Birthday, Rye! I wrote an Autism Answer for you! Cool present, eh?! (Okay, fine, I'm broke. Here's some words. They're free. tee hee!)

Me and Rye.

Yesterday I drove my brother around as we ran a few errands together. We chit chatted in the car about all kinds of things. At one point he talked about why he sometimes thinks about leaving our small town in Texas and moving to Colorado. 

Rye: I like the weather and the landscape. The people are better. Colorado is just better than here. 

Me: (hesitating) Well, you know, it isn't "better" because "better" depends on each individual person. It could be "better" for you but not someone else. 

Rye: (rolling his eyes) I know, I just have a habit of--

Me: (interrupting) Look, Rye, it's me who has a habit of saying "blah, blah, blah, not better or worse, it depends on perspectives, good and bad are mostly opinions, blah, blah, blah". That's a me thing, you don't have to agree. You can think Colorado is better. 

Rye: (looking less annoyed with me) That's true. 

Me: You know how you like to talk about the shape of cars and I don't really care about cars but I mostly listen and learn when you want to talk about cars?

Rye: Ya.

Me: Well, we love each other. So, I listen when you talk about cars and you listen when I talk about believing in hippie-dippy peace, love, non-judgmental, to each his own, live and let live stuff. Because we listen, we also learn some things. But mostly we feel more connected and more aware of each other. It's totally awesome!

Rye: That's true. Hey, can we stop somewhere so I can make a photo copy of this car I drew? I like the shape and want to have a copy. 

Me: (giggling) You bet! We'll stop at my house and use my photo copier. 

We rode on in silence, smiling and comfortable. Connected and aware. Then I added: 

Me: You know, Rye, if you move to Colorado I'll be happy for you but I'll also miss you.

Rye: Ya, I'd miss you too. 

After making a few copies of his car drawing at my house I took him the few blocks back to his apartment. Climbing out of my roundish shaped older model Kia Sorento my brother thanked me for the ride and added: 

Rye: Don't hippies smoke drugs? You don't smoke drugs. But if you move to Colorado you could!

Me: Ha! Maybe I'm not a full blooded hippie! I don't want to smoke dope! But, you know, hippies are about freedom, so I guess I am full blooded. I believe in the freedom not to smoke! 

We giggled and he gave one of his neighbors a friendly wave as he walked into his home. Which is in small town Texas, not far from me. For now, anyway!

Happy birthday, Rye!!! 
Hugs, smiles, peace and love, man!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

Enjoy this video starring my brother, Rye, and my mom, Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad. I invite you to take a moment and let him share his life, lessons, struggles, and successes! It's like he's sharing a piece of his birthday cake with you, only it's his life. So, you know, you can be sure the ingredients are organic and nourishing! Don't worry, it also goes well with coffee! xoxo