Friday, July 8, 2016

Autism Answer: Say YES! Then Find Your Way To Make It Happen

Okay, this is cool!!

My mom (international autism & parenting expert Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad ) often tells me how much she loves her families. <----- That's what she calls her "clients". 

Although she can't tell me much about them (confidentiality and all that jazz) I feel as though they are my family, too. After all, the love and learning mom gets from and gives to them, she brings home to us. So, they are certainly my brothers and sisters! 

Often mom will talk passionately and with awe about the creative ideas her families come up with to hire her. Several families pitching in, or tying it in with a family vacation, or saving on travel by hiring her when she's in the area, or agreeing to be on camera for her international series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD. A series that has, by the way, brought her more families! 

So when I ran across this Go Fund Me campaign created by Tamis Baron, a woman in California who is having my mom do a workshop in her home, I fell in love with yet another sister! She is hoping to help her nearly 90 year old dad and other family members, and also to give the gift of my mom to her community. From the campaign description: 

"He was diagnosed first with schizophrenia in his 50s and then rediagnosed with ADHD in his 60s. At 87 they were hell bent on diagnosing him with Dementia. I lived with him for a while the last 2 years and my experience was that, although he was slow in thinking and had short term memory issues, he acted more like people I knew who were Autistic. So I went on a quest for answers looking for something that fit."

This is a brilliant woman who knew she wanted to do the In Home Parenting Program, knew it was going to help a heap of people in her family and community, and knew it would be the most fun way to learn. So, she said YES and booked it! Now, she's finding her way to make it happen. 

Read More Here: Autism ASD Speaker and Workshop

*If you live in California, specifically around Sonoma County, you can also attend the workshop!*

Please have a peek at the campaign and share it with your social network. Of course, it would be wonderful if you could contribute. But even more than that I want to share with you a community of people who say YES and then make it happen.  

And I love it most of all when what they say YES to is the love, play, and neurofeedback that my mom brings to families around the world!!! 

Tamis has also created this Facebook Page, Autism ASD Speaker and Workshop, so folks can learn more about the event, choose to attend, ask questions, and chat about what they learn. It's a public page so head on over and LIKE it!

This is one small and important example of how every one of us can say YES to the things our guts and souls tell us we want/need, and then find creative ways to make those things happen. My mom did it for us kids all of our lives and we have grown happy and successful because of it. Despite every single thing in our lives seeming to say NO my mom knew when to say YES anyway, and then make it happen. 

I love watching other people do that too! 

 Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

 Check out this video Tamis (the event creator) made of her dad - who was diagnosed with Asperger's two years ago. And then consider contributing to the event. Perhaps you can even meet Tamis and her dad at the event by attending it yourself!