Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Autism Answer: Being Balanced

Those of you who have followed me for any length of time (BTW: thank-you!!! You rock!!) know that most of my posts are positive and sun shiny. Rose colored glasses and all that jazz. What you also know is that I have a slight addiction to talking about my many, many, many, many mistakes! I've written articles and posts and comments--heck, even the ABOUT description on my Facebook page!-- filled with how long it's taken me to learn to truly believe in my brothers, how often I've made choices based on what I thought would make others happy, and confessions of a similar nature. Terribly hard to think about topics have been addressed by me: sexual abuse, discrimination and bullying. Always with a desire to find answers, never with a need to complain.

Balance is important, but not always simply attained! As parents we want to help our children without enabling. We want to encourage comfortable conversation without falling into the "friend zone". On my page and in my blog I hope I'm not talking too much about my faults and challenges. I want to always highlight the happy and positive while insisting also that I don't ignore life's very real dangers and prejudices.

I think though (if the feedback you guys have kindly given me has been honest!!) that here on Autism Answers we've found a beautiful balance. And I think the secret is actually kind of simple!

Here we are honest, and not looking for people to feel sorry for us or commiserate. Here, we are willing to reveal some of autism's very real hardships while knowing we want to find humane and comfortable solutions.

When folks talk about Autism Awareness, that's one thing I'm hoping we can share with the world. Not an 'it's so sad and hard' view of autism, and not an 'autism is only beautiful and genius and never tells lies!' view of autism. But rather a balanced reminder that autism is a challenge that many of the people in our world are struggling with, and we should find a way to accept and help. 

Accept and help. Our friends, our sisters, our children and ourselves!!

Thank-you with all of my heart friends, for being balanced with me, and accepting me in all my silly and sad manifestations!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!