Friday, July 5, 2013

Autism Answer: Reality Check!

So, my son has a friend sleeping over, and my youngest brother (he's 28 and even younger at heart!) is here hanging out. As is my habit, I have given the house over to horseplay. Hide-and-go-seek tag, caffeinated soda's and boys of all ages is a great way to be sure no corner of the home will be safe from fun filled chaos! 

I was tempted to tell my brother--who is no longer diagnosable as autistic but still struggling with some social issues--that his play wasn't exactly the social 'norm' since he was playing with 12 and 14 year olds, but he was having so much fun I kept my mouth shut.

Smirking and rolling my eyes, I offered a few "you guys are so weird!" type hollers and giggles. Unable to read or write or actively think, I decided to participate in the joy, but in a more age appropriate--and normal!--manner. So I headed over to the corner of our living room where the book shelves and stereo live.

Choosing songs I've been craving the last couple of days (a little Alanis Morissette, Meatloaf and The Pogues... odd cravings I guess... perhaps I'm pregnant? tee hee!) I turned up the volume and sang my heart out! While the boys made odd sounds and ran around like a bunch of hooligans, I--ever the 'normal' one--sang as though I had taken requests from Martians and needed to be heard on their planet. Standing practically in the corner, imagining I was invisible, I wrung my hands and knocked on my head, my feet twisting and bouncing as though I really had to pee. You see, this is what my body does when I'm really into singing along. Okay, maybe not all the other moms do that. I suppose to anyone looking in my window we would have looked like a nut house indeed!!

But what fun!! What a fantastical Friday night in the Shelton house!

Now, our energy spent, the boys are watching a movie, my brother is looking at photo albums, and I decided to sneak away to share this moment with you!

Normal??!! Grown-up!!?? Age appropriate??!! No thanks!!

Gotta love those terrifically timed reality checks!! tee hee!
I'm off to chat with my brother and look at old photos.

Have a wonderful night friends!!!!!