Sunday, July 28, 2013

Autism Answer: The Three Songs Rule

It's been a lot of work getting two of my four boys to comfortably shower. Their sensory issues were different, but for both of them it amounted to fighting showers. Admittedly, for one of my boys it had more to do with his extreme challenges with transition and less to do with sensory issues, but still. The point is, showers were challenging. 

So... since all four of my boys (and me too!) LOVE singing, I started making them comfortable first by hanging out with them in the bathroom and singing for them. They would be distracted by my silly songs and get so into throwing requests my way that the water and hair washing was almost forgotten! As they got older they would sing with me or for me, while I sat by the door with towel in hand. And now they sing in the shower for themselves!

However, one of my boys still just wants to hop in, and hop out without really washing. So, I made a three song rule! I told him that he's not done showering until he's sung three full songs. And I suggested that while he's in there singing, he might as well soap up!

Now we are a much nicer smelling, vocal chord exercising, shampoo bottle microphone using family of shower singers!!!

Don't worry, we won't be performing live in a city near you!! Tee hee!

Feel free to make up some of your own silly family rules! You never know what kind of distraction or motivator can make all of the difference for your children (or yourself!) unless you give it a try. And remember not to worry that it's weird! 

Hugs, smiles and love!!

**I can't help but want to share this video of my youngest son and I singing 'Sober' by P!NK. It's a perfect example of why I would make a singing rule. Also, it examples what happens when families enjoy a bit of creative rule making.... togetherness and fun!!! (don't worry, the messy house, cellulite and not-so-great singing skills aren't a by-product of creative rule making. They are all me! Giggle!) **