Friday, July 26, 2013

Autism Answer: A vision worth working--not fighting--for!!

It is very true that small shifts can often make HUGE changes! In the trajectory of your life, your mood, your overall attitude etc. In turn, this will make HUGE changes in the trajectory of our life, our mood and our overall attitude!

So I would love to suggest, in the interest of creating a culture of acceptance and love, that we see our hopes, dreams, skills, children, loves--our overall vision of what we want in the world--as worth working for. Rather than worth fighting for. 

Your vision and mine are likely different in many ways, but at the core they are probably surprisingly similar. Acceptance, connection, fun, surprises and curiosity.... these are absolutely worth working for!! However, when we see them as worth fighting for, right there we automatically lose a huge chunk of what we hope to accomplish. Because we begin to value the fight. 

This thought hit me early this morning when I overheard a line in the movie my son was watching. "If it's love, then it's worth fighting for." Perhaps it was because I hadn't had coffee yet, or because my boys were looking soft and sleepy and the word 'fighting' just didn't match my morning, I don't know. But the word felt out of place and so I decided we should change it.

So, with a belief in work as something that feels good and is done with the intention to value contributions, large and small-
- let's see what happens if we decide that autism understanding, equality and love, in all it's fantastic forms, is absolutely worth working for!!!

That's the sort of work I love to do!! I'll even work during my coffee breaks!! And I LOVE coffee breaks!! tee hee!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!