Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Autism Answer: Initiation! Mwaahaahaa!!!

Author's note: This is a post I wrote for my Facebook page about four months ago. Tyran and I were just remembering this story, so I thought I'd share with you as well!! 


Tyran: My sixteen year old son, living in California
Jory: My nineteen year old son, living in California
Dar: My thirty-two year old autistic brother, living in California
Dramma: My fantastic mother (she's a lady, so we'll skip the age!) who travels the globe as a mental health therapist/expert specializing in autism
Me: A far away mom/sister/daughter living in TX, trying to be supportive but struggling to suppress a naughty giggle!


I phoned Tyran as he rode transit to school this morning. 

ME: How's it going hun?

Tyran: Fine. Dar threw-up in my room.

ME: Oh no!! Is Dar okay?

Tyran: Yup, he's fine. I think he just over-ate. The throw-up was in my clean clothes and on my floor. I can't get it to come out of the carpet.

ME: But you cleaned most of it?

Tyran: Well, Jory got the chunks and stuff. I'm trying to get the rest.

ME: I hate it when he vomits! It never happens when Dramma's around, because she's so much better with Dar.

Tyran: Ya. I tried not to leave the food out that he shouldn't have, but I guess he got into something.

ME: Or he could have just eaten too much of something that's okay for him to eat. It happens when we're watching him because none of us are as good as Dramma when it comes to making sure Dar knows he's being included. You know. It's kind of our own faults.


ME: I'm trying to be supportive, Tyran, but I just keep thinking, 'ha ha! Now you and Jory are part of the team! Cleaning Dar's throw-up is the ultimate initiation!'

Tyran: (laughing) I like being included, but this was not in the brochure!!! 

# # #

I kept remembering what Tyran had said over the course of the day. We like to plan our lives, but what the universe actually gives us is rarely what we so fancifully advertised in the brochures of our minds!! Welcome to the real world boys!! It's full of surprises, challenges, choices and... vomit! And it's got way more potential than any brochure!!

And do you wanna know something weird? When Tyran told me that Dar threw-up in his room, it made me miss my brother!!!! I may be neurotypical, but I'm not normal!!! tee hee!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!