Thursday, January 9, 2014

Autism Answer: Remember My Three Songs Rule? Here's An Update!

I've posted about my "Three Songs Rule" before, for those of you unfamiliar feel free to follow the hyperlink, but basically it's this: To help my sons with different sensory issues at shower/bath time, I came up with a three song rule. Sing three songs and then you can be done. 

Anyway, as they've gotten older the rule has pretty much disappeared. My teenagers are properly motivated to get clean... they want to look and smell good for the ladies! However, one of my sons is always in there for waaaaaayyyyyy too long, and so yesterday I reminded him of our old Three Songs Rule.

"You should probably go back to singing three songs in the shower. That way you'll know when to get out of there and won't be wasting our planet's water every other day!"

He responded immediately,"I always use the three songs rule, mom. But now I sing the music mixes that Jory (his brother) makes. They're all about fifteen minutes each, you know. That's why I stay in there so long. Just following your three song rule!"

Cheeky kid! 

Well.... let's just say that today's Autism Answer is to check in on your own rules now and then to make sure that they're still relevant, and that they haven't been spun media style to suit a different purpose!! tee hee!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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My cheeky (but very clean!) kid!!
tee hee!