Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Autism Answer: Seeing My Eclectic Greyhound Bus Traveling Family!

I'm sitting with my two youngest sons at the Greyhound station in El Paso, TX, waiting to get back on our bus. We'll finally make it home tomorrow morning!

My very tall fifteen year old son keeps squeezing my cheeks and telling me I'm so "gushy". Plenty of people are staring at us and obviously finding it weird. Of course, they are also staring at the guy wearing a ladies hat and tight plaid pants, and the family with the crying kids, and the group of black guys talking real loud, using uncomfortable language while revealing impressive insights, about how the black community needs to stop proving stereo types true and how they need to work together instead of hurt each other, and the older woman wearing pounds of make-up who's snoring and sprawled out-- taking an entire bench to herself...

As a matter of fact, my son just walked up to me and admitted he's a little bit uncomfortable sitting by the one woman who stares at everyone like she's studying them. "It's not the way she looks, like her clothes, but the way she looks, like into your thoughts, you know, like she's making a report and needs all the information or something."

Then he leaned in and squeezed my cheek, telling me once again that I'm so "gushy".

I love our eclectic family of Greyhound Bus travelers!!

Some of us are odd in one persons opinion, and others odd in another persons view. Still some of us are forgettable and even boring. 

But all of us are busy going somewhere, mostly taking time to see each other along the way. 

Many of us will find our way to a place where our personal weirdness's are accepted and maybe even celebrated. Whether it's because we're headed to family, friends, or a culture that understands us and appreciates our value, or because we ourselves understand and see our own value better once we're home--or abroad.

In the meantime, my Eclectic Greyhound Bus traveling family gets to enjoy an open minded view of so many kinds of difference!!! We don't have to choose to like them all, but it's wonderful to accept and truly see!

Even if some of us are seeing with an intensity that makes my son kind of uncomfortable. tee hee!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers

He's always telling me I'm so "gushy"...
But so is he!!!

My youngest son, sleeping cozy surrounded by our
Eclectic Greyhound Bus Traveling Family!