Monday, January 27, 2014

Autism Answer: Miracles Are Made!

*My brother was here visiting with me yesterday. He brought coffee and cookies, and as we sat sipping and snacking we started talking about--and marveling at!--this fun memory. I wrote this post for my Facebook page last summer, but after chatting about it with my brother yesterday, I wanted to share it here with you! Truly... it's amazing and magical!!! Enjoy!***

So, I just drove from Southern California to East Texas and I'm tired! But WOW!!! You're gonna love this!!!

After dropping my mom off in Midland, TX (she works her play therapy and neurofeedback magic with a wonderful family there) I went to gas up and ran into my brother at a middle of nowhere gas station! I mean... middle of nowhere on a long distance drive, I ran into my brother! He was driving a big work truck filled with welders and pipe-liners--men trusting him to get them to work safely--and he lives five hours from where we ran into each other!! 

I don't usually believe in sticking out my tongue and sing-songing "my mom told you so!" but if I could have shoved that beautiful vision of my once autistic brother working hard and being handsome and responsible into the doubting faces of all the "professionals" my mom spent our childhood arguing with, I totally would have!! 

AND THEN I called my other once autistic (and still socially challenged) brother and asked him to please pick me and my boys up at the airport in Dallas where I was dropping of the rental car. He hopped into his own car, drove two hours to us, navigating the city and the airport, and got us home safely with much fun and grown-up conversation along the way!! 

Growing-up my mom insisted that my brothers needed to be believed in if they were ever going to believe in themselves. There were so, so, so many professionals begging her to stop having unrealistic expectations, and there were so, so, so many times that my mom moved cities, changes schools, changed friends, changed careers, insisting that miracles can be made. I went along for the ride, often wondering how my mom could be so sure when the rest of the world insisted she was crazy to believe, and I'm so glad I was there to see and be part of the amazing miracle that is believing in what can't be seen!! Because, I promise you, looking at my brothers back then it was hard to imagine that they could grow into independent and helpful men. But my mom imagined with all her heart!!

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."~Chinese Proverb

That was my mom. Doing it. Believing in people, knowing to raise the bar with kindness and creativity, proving over and over to my brothers that they were amazing and capable. 

And now that's my brothers. Doing it. Believing in themselves, and proving possibilities to others. Lending a hand. Being more than amazing and capable, but giving back as well!

I may be exhausted and travel weary from the long drive, but I'm buzzing with an energy that comes from knowing that it can be done! Whatever our goals are, if we are willing to see the signs and celebrate them, take our time and enjoy the journey, then miracles can be made!

Hugs, smiles and love!! 
It's nice to be home!!!

My brother, Cash, and his truck.
He likes being the guy that drives all the guys!
Makes him feel manly!!

My brother, Rye, and his car.
He came to pick us up in Dallas... no sweat!

For the record, my brothers aren't amazing because they own vehicles and navigate cities and have jobs. My brothers are amazing because they work hard, discover their passions, and go after them with confidence. It's because they heard mom when she insisted they never let labels, diagnosis, neighbors, peers, teachers, girlfriends, even us siblings, define them. They are amazing because the continue to define themselves!