Friday, January 31, 2014

Book Review: This Extraordinary Life~ by Rachel S. Quatkemeyer

In September I got a request that kinda rocked my world. There was a message waiting for me on my Facebook page from Rachel Quatkemeyer. "I'm contacting you to ask for permission to re-print your post, Loving The Lessons Everywhere, in my upcoming book, a collection of uplifting affirmations, positive poems, essays, and letters to remarkable parents of exceptional children." Wowza!!!! My post in a book??!!! A book of positivity for families? 

Of course she got my permission!! 

While I waited for the fruits of her labor to be published and available for me to show off to friends (tee hee) the excitement I had for myself quickly morphed into hope for the book itself. When my mom was raising me and my siblings--eight all together, six adopted and four landing all over the spectrum of autism--there was almost nothing out there for her to read that would give her ideas or suggestions, and even less offering hope, laughter, positive vibes, and honest sharing. The world is different now and I sometimes find myself wondering what our lives could have been like...

But mostly, I just marvel at (and do my best to give a hand to!) the voices that are changing the tone and sharing actionable ideas and friendship.

This Extraordinary Life by Rachel S. Quatkemeyer is one of those voices; a true family friend. And I'm honored to have been invited to know Rachel's fabulous dreams, beautiful writing, and positive soul!

I was thrilled to finally receive my own paperback copy of This Extraordinary Life a few days ago. It's beautiful!!! Before pulling away from the post office I had already finished reading the first essay, written intimately and with comfortable candor by Rachel Quatkemeyer. I knew right away that this was going to be an important and uplifting collection of stories, based on Rachel's reasons and style.

And, it is!!! Without avoiding honest challenges in the world of autism, parenting, or difference in general, this collection of poems and stories encourages the reader to smile, see answers in the questions, and believe in an exciting unknown and successful life for everyone in their home!

I would love to see this book in every home raising a family. After all, whether or not your child is on the spectrum of autism, you KNOW that he/she is going to have the opportunity to become friends with someone living with invisible challenges. This book will help everyone see clearly how much fabulous such a friendship could offer!

And for parents of children with autism, there are valuable and beautiful lessons in each story. Regardless of your personal parenting style, you'll find treasures in the adventures of those who have ventured before you. And the friendship this book offer's goes further...

Rachel writes with an honest loveliness that attaches itself to you comfortably. Through her writing she encourages you to see possibilities and wishes, and then to take those extra steps and believe! Do! Try again! And in gathering essays, poems, and posts she surrounds her own writing with the sharings of others who reflect this idea again and again. By including the varied voices of parents, autistics, and siblings, Rachel brilliantly gifts your family with the reminder that there are many ways to parent your children--with and without autism--and that there is no end to the creativity and ideas we can manifest! And in this way, the book invites families to truly think forward, connect, and scheme together to find their own fabulous. And, if that isn't enough...

There are websites and Facebook pages listed for most of the contributors, so you can then go and tell them what you thought, express how you feel, get to know them while they get to know you! A true everlasting friendship can grow!

This Extraordinary Life is more than a book. It's a community of beautiful ideas, people, and differences, invited to be known. Invited by the talented and beautiful believer in dreams, Rachel Quatkemeyer

And you are invited too!

To purchase a copy of This Extraordinary Life, follow THIS LINK! 

Everyone's looking forward to meeting you!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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