Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Autism Answer: Money and Beliefs

We've officially moved! 

It was a lot of work, as moving always is, especially since we were downsizing into a much smaller home. 

We had to pack carefully, choosing to keep only what we truly needed. That sort of thing is always fun and emotionally surprising. A way to practice both letting go and holding on, while getting to know a bit about yourself and your loved ones in the process. 

We did a wonderful job--of packing and sharing insights!--and as we were about to drive away for the last time from the bigger home we'd lived in for nearly sixteen years, my son hopped into our old '89 Ford Pick-Up truck with something in his hands. "You almost forgot to pack the tip jar!" he accused.

"No," I responded, confused by his comment. "I know I packed the tip jar, it was one of the first things I transferred to the smaller house."

My son held up a jar in his hands and I understood.

"Oooohhh.... you mean that tip jar! That one just has coins in it. I made sure to pack the tip jar with the ideas and beliefs and suggestions we wrote in it. That's the one that matters!"

My son looked at me and shook his head with practiced patience. "Mom, they both matter. We need our beliefs, but we need money to buy stuff too. You gotta learn this."

He's right of course, and I love him with all of my heart for reminding me!!!!

Be balanced my friends! Value and explore your beliefs, passions, and ideas. But explore too your expertise and it's monetary value, respect your financial obligations and a few material desires. Money and things are not most important, but they are important! Beliefs and passions are not enough to live on, but they are worth much of your time and respect, and you will be happier and feel more complete because of them!

Be balanced and flexible.  And when you forget, let the world and your loved ones remind you!

My son; unpacking and creating.
Balancing work and fun!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!
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