Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Autism Answer: Around Around We Go


ME: What's up Shay? You're looking very lost in thought lately.

SHAY: I keep thinking about how much fun it was to be a little kid, and how free I always felt and how my brothers were always near me. And then I wish we were little again. But then I think about how cool it's going to be to own a store and make movies and be a more on purpose part of the world, and I want that too. So then I wish I was grown up. But being a teenager just sucks, you know? Even though I keep trying to find something to like about who I am and what it's like now, I can't. I mean, I want to wish I was where I am. But it's hard.

ME: Some days are better than others though, right?

SHAY: Oh, ya! Lots of days are pretty good.

ME: Well, maybe think about how fun it is to still enjoy some of that freedom you felt as a kid while you on purpose get started on the stuff you're planning to do as a grown up. And then be glad that you are here, now.

SHAY: That might help sometimes, but not much.

ME: And remember that some days are better than others. And make it a habit to wake up believing that it's going to be a "better than others" day.

SHAY: You always say stuff like that mom. As if we can change the world with our attitude.

ME: Well, that's because I believe we can.


ME: Hurry up, Shay!!! Get up, get up, get up!! We've gotta be out of here in, like, ten minutes and you're still in bed.

SHAY: I'm thinking about how today is going to be one of my better days.

ME: Awesome!! Think about it while we get moving. Anyway, it's easier to imagine good stuff when you're moving and smiling and feeling pro-active. 

SHAY: Good point (grabs his glasses and sits up while singing to himself) I'll meet you in the car in a minute. I've just gotta brush my teeth.


Smiling and listening to the latest Framing Hanley CD--The Sum Of Who We Are-- I'm thinking about how we teach our kids, how they roll their eyes at us and consider our old-fogy ideas, then go ahead and make some of them their own. Meanwhile, the moment they do, we moms and dads add more lessons and old-fogy knowledge.

I turn up the music as Shay climbs in the car. In time for school and looking good.

Life is a lovely thing, and today is one of our better days!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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My Sister, Jady, and my brother, Dar: circa 1994
Around and Around they go!
This living life thing is pretty fun!